Business Funding Assistance

Do you need a quick influx of capital for your business?

The facts are all start ups need capital to get going and many existing businesses need capital for expansion. What separates Create Business Credit from our competitors is our ability to help you obtain capital.

Our Business Credit Program with Funding Assistance gives small business owners unprecedented access to credit and capital through hundreds of finance sources. With our expert help, business owners can build an exceptional business credit profile, quality business lines of credit and be approved for business funding.

If you qualify for a traditional bank loan, please apply for one. They offer the best rates and terms. The best place to start is the bank you are currently doing business with. They see what kind of money flows in and out of your account(s). You have an established relationship with the bank and they want to keep you happy so you’ll keep your deposits there.

But what if you are not bankable? Where do you go when the bank says no?

This is where Create Business Credit excels!

At Create Business Credit we have been helping business owners establish corporate credit and obtain working capital for years. We have experienced corporate coaches, certified cash flow consultants and certified SBA consultants on staff to serve you.

We have well established working relationships with traditional banks, SBA lenders, private investment firms, venture capital firms, angel investors and 50+ alternative financing lenders to help your business.

Some of Our Funding Options Available:

  • 401K Self Directed Business Financing
  • Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Acquisition Financing
  • Angel Investors
  • Annuities Financing
  • Artwork Loans
  • Asset Based Financing
  • Bank Statement Only Loans
  • Bridge Loans
  • Business Lines of Credit
  • Business Notes
  • Casino Winnings
  • Church Loans
  • Coins, Gems and Precious Metals Loans
  • Commercial Deficiency Portfolio Financing
  • Commercial Hard Money Financing
  • Commercial Property Funding
  • Construction and Builder Program Financing
  • Construction Factoring
  • Contest Winnings
  • Contract Financing
  • Debt Equity Financing
  • Delinquent Debt Purchasing
  • Disability Pension Financing
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Farm and Ranch Funding
  • Franchise Funding
  • Freight Bill Factoring
  • Funeral Home Financing
  • Gems, Coins and Precious Metals Financing
  • Hard Money Financing
  • Health Care Factoring
  • Inheritance Financing
  • Installment Contract Financing
  • Inventory Financing
  • Invoice Factoring
  • Land Acquisition and Development Loans
  • Lawsuit Financing
  • Life Insurance Settlements
  • Lines of Credit Financing
  • Lottery Winnings Financing
  • Medical Receivables Financing
  • Merchant Cash Advance Loans
  • Mezzanine Loans
  • Military Pension Funding
  • Pension Funding-Civil or Private
  • Personal Credit Loans
  • Pre-Lawsuit Settlement Financing
  • Private Money Loans
  • Prizes and Awards Financing
  • Purchase Order Financing
  • Real Estate Loans (Commercial, Residential, Bulk REO, Sales-Leaseback, Rehab)
  • Real Estate Notes
  • Royalty Payment Financing
  • Sales Lease Back Financing
  • SBA Loans, 7a, 504, Community Express
  • Security Based Lines of Credit (SBLOC)
  • Short Term Bridge Lending
  • Sports Contract Financing
  • Stock Purchase Lenders
  • Structured Settlements
  • Transactional Funding or Simultaneous Closing Funding
  • Truck Leasing & Financing
  • TV Game Show Prize Lending
  • Working Capital Loans
  • USDA/B&I Loans
  • Venture Capital
  • Viatical Settlements
  • Any many other options

Contact our Business Finance Specialists at (888) 930-3500. Ask them how they can help your business obtain working capital. Do it today!

How to get funding for any business

This eBook is a no-nonsense manual on how anyone, no matter what their personal credit may be like, can obtain a business credit file, business credit history, and business credit score. You WILL be able to establish corporate lines of credit in your business name without utilizing your social security number. At the end of the eBook is a list of over 60 different funding options available to small businesses.

How to market your online business

How can you get more visitors to your website? What can you do to stimulate traffic? Here’s a checklist of 37 items you need to consider. Many of these you may be doing already; others you meant to do and forgot about; still others you’ve never heard of.

This eBook is designed to introduce you to website promotion — getting consumers to come to your website. It gives you the basic information, which you can then explore through links to other resources, many of them free.

Network your way to success

Networking is one of the least expensive forms of making contacts and building business relationships. We believe in leveraging your efforts. Networking is one way we have found that accomplishes this for you.

If you have been holding back from attending networking events, or have had little success with the ones you have attended, then this eBook is for you! Even if you have been networking for years, you will learn something new you can put to use immediately to propel your business forward.

Business Start-up Concerns

This eBook will explain important steps that are vital to operating a successful business. We created this e Book after working with thousands of entrepreneurs looking to start a business. Many entrepreneurs had no idea about the “basics” of starting a business. This guide is to help you make sound decisions from the very beginning of your business life.

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